How To Choose The Best Wheelchair Or Scooter Lift For Your Vehicle

A vehicle wheelchair or scooter lift can be one of your greatest accessibility tools, as it opens to you a world of possibilities. You may just want to have the freedom to go grocery shopping, go on vacation with family or just get out of the house. With an auto wheelchair and scooter lift, you will have the freedom to do all that and more. However, before you begin looking for which type of mobility vehicle lift to get for your wheelchair or scooter, there are several points you should take into consideration.

Your Vehicle Make and Model

Whether you will be purchasing a new vehicle or using the one you currently have, the make and model of your vehicle is important when determining the proper fit for your scooter or wheelchair and the vehicle lift you will need to transport it. There is a good selection of vehicle lifts to choose from that can be correctly installed on vans, SUV’s, trucks, and even cars. It is important to consider the type of vehicle you have in order to choose a lift that will properly fit your vehicle and your mobility needs. Some vehicle lifts are for carrying your mobility scooter or wheelchair inside your vehicle and other lifts are used for carrying them on the outside of your vehicle. This is where the next consideration comes in to play.

Transporting In or Out

There are benefits to both interior and exterior vehicle mobility wheelchair and scooter lifts. Interior mobility chair vehicle lifts are great for protecting your chair or scooter from the weather. They are also easy to operate. You simply roll onto the platform and the lift is operated by remote control to lift and store the wheelchair or scooter inside your vehicle. Many of the available models leave the second-row seating open for passengers so you can bring your wheelchair or power scooter, as well as your family and friends. Exterior wheelchair and scooter lifts are usually platforms that allow you to roll your mobility device onto, then it is lifted into place behind the vehicle. This is ideal for someone who will be carrying more passengers and needs ease of loading and unloading.  Even with the right fit for the right vehicle and choosing exterior or interior, without considering weight capacity you may end up with a lift that is unsuitable for you.

Weight Capacity

It is vital to know the weight capacity of your vehicle wheelchair or scooter lift. You want to make sure you choose a lift that can handle the weight of your mobility device. If you have more than one mobility device, such as a lightweight scooter for quick trips and a heavier durable one for rough terrain, you will want to choose a lift that can withstand the weight of your heaviest mobility power chair.  In addition to matching the weight capacity with the correct lift, you also want to make sure your vehicle hitch for the exterior lift has the correct weight capacity as well.

Trained Professional

There are so many different wheelchair and scooter vehicle lifts on the market to help you gain back your freedom. Working with a trained professional to select the proper mobility lift and install it correctly will ensure that you receive the best fit for your vehicle and individual needs. Active Mobility Innovations has many to choose from and is staffed with trained Mobility Specialists who are ready to take care of you and get you back on the road.

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