AllTrack HD 3

The Alltrack HD is a versatile, very heavy-duty mid-wheel drive power wheelchair with a standard weight capacity of up to 550 lb (250 kg). Designed for superior performance, this HD model is made for people who require enhanced indoor maneuverability as well as outdoor capabilities. Praised for its optimal stability and comfort, this bariatric power wheelchair is equipped with a one-of-a-kind interactive 6-wheel suspension along with a vertical shock absorption that will provide a smooth ride on any type of surfaces. The vertical spring action is aligned with the user’s spine – reducing impact on the back and forward pitch. Capable of withstanding sustained efforts, the user will appreciate the freedom of a worry-free ride.


HD mid-wheel highlights:

  • Unique HD dual action suspension
  • Easy maneuvering over routine obstacles
  • Extremely short turning radius of 20.5” (520 mm).
  • Full range of power seating options
  • High-performance and high speed (5.4 mph/9 km/h) 4-pole motors

Technical Specs

Configuration – Bariatric mid-wheel drive – very Heavy-duty (HD)
Suspension system – GC3 (Dual action: interactive 6-wheel suspension and vertical shock absorption)
Ground clearance1 – 3.5” (90 mm)
Base width – 27.375” (695 mm) or 25.375” (645 mm)
Base length – 35.125” (890 mm)
Turning radius – 20.5” (520 mm)
Weight capacity – Up to 550 lb (250 kg)
Motor options (Maximum speed) – 4-pole 5.4 MPH (9 km/h)
Transit option (Unoccupied) – 4-point tie-down brackets (Standard)
Transport option WC-19 (Occupied) – Optional
Battery type – Two 12 V, deep cycle Gel cell Group 24 (70 Ah) / AGM Group 24 (75 Ah)
Battery charger – 8A, off board
Charging time – 8 hours
Electronics – VR2 (90 Amps), R-Net (90 or 120 Amps)
Assistive driving package – Available with Smart-Track technology
Specialty controls – Available (Switch-It, Stealth, ASL or MO-VIS)
Effective seat width range – Adjustable from 15” to 24” (380 mm to 610 mm) wide
Power seating options – “Tilt, recline, elevating & articulating separate legrests, and elevating & articulating center mount legrest (Custom
Seat to floor height range (With power tilt or seat lift) – 15.5” to 18.75” (395 mm to 475 mm)
Seat to floor height range (With combo power tilt and seat lift) – Not available
Components weights – “Base: Compact width: 128 lb (58 kg); Standard width: 133 lb (60 kg)
Batteries: Group 22NF: 2 x 36.6 lb (16.6 kg); Group 24: 2 x 54 lb (24.5 kg)”

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Complex Rehab Powerchair, Standard Power Chairs

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